The true nature of the spirit

"It is useless to hug the clouds, you just have to let them pass"


The inherent and eternal spirituality in each of us all

"There is nothing hidden in the fist of the master, nothing eternal to possess in this illusory world"

« Sentient beings are never apart from this unchanging, innate nature of mind for event an instant, yet they do not see it. Just as the nature of fire is heat and the nature of water is moisture, the nature of mind is Rigpa, nondual awareness  »

Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, Marcia Binder Schmidt, Kerry Moran; Rainbow Painting: A Collection of Miscellaneous Aspects of Development and Completion. Traducted by Erik Pema Kunsang, Compiled by Marcia Binder Schmidt, Rangjung Yeshe Publications, 1995. 216 p./p.90, ISBN962-7341-22-3), 9789627341222



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